Tobacco, Vetiver, Amber

For people of action who do not compromise their own principles. They are in control of themselves and a little bit of the world. They know how to make decisions quickly and confidently and doubts and hesitation do not overshadow the clarity of their eyes. The world is tempting them with its endless mystique, and the desire to pluck the sweetest fruit from the Tree of Knowledge sometimes pushes them to risk. Fortunately, at the right time they know how to stop at the edge of the abyss. They do not find themselves in time, but they feel the time itself perfectly. They do not hesitate in anticipation of a «happy hour», but they act instead. They are honest with themselves and others and are not afraid to confess their desires. As they are furious, it is not easy to cope with them, but it is even more difficult not to fall in love with them.

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