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Your Valentine’s Day Solution: Gift Sets Are Already Available

For this special occasion, we have curated festive solutions for each of your loved ones. Any of the gift sets are great options to show how much you care, whether its for a lover, friend or simply a treat for yourself, share the love of scent this Valentine’s Day.

Gift Set 1 includes 4 mini perfumes showcasing a dynamic range of scent profiles. The variety of ingredients from each fragrance will help spark excitement, connection and new joyful memories, forever associated with your special someone.

The number 2 and 3 sets include a range of fragrances in various formats: a perfume, hand cream and a solid soap. The variety of products allow for easy use in various moments throughout the day, ensuring you are always on the mind of your special someone.

Each set also includes a festive postcard for you to write a special message on, a final touch making each set personal.

Celebrate love always.

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