Vibes » The sound of fragrance: Zielinski & Rozen partners with the Teatro alla Scala

The sound of fragrance: Zielinski & Rozen partners with the Teatro alla Scala

A guiding principle of the Zielinski & Rozen brand is its affinity with the arts: painting, creative writing, theatre, video art, and especially music. Zielinski & Rozen has always participated in a diverse mix of creative projects with artists and thought leaders from many disciplines across the world. Each Zielinski & Rozen fragrance is distinct and individual, always formulated with bold creative thinking and expression, this same principle helps define our approach to collaboration. Our partnership with the Teatro alla Scala is a celebration of this bold expression, creative freedom, and sensorial thrill, amplifying the vibrancy of music through fragrance.

What do music and perfumery have in common? Both are art. Both require skill and talent. Both have a unique emotional power to affect minds and souls. It’s no coincidence that a perfumes vocabulary is like a musical one: note, chord, key, composition, scale… Erez Rozen, a perfumer and the founder of the Zielinski & Rozen brand, believes that there is as much art in his life as there is music. To smell a fragrance is to hear a melody. Every drop of perfume, like every note of a symphony, has a bold emotion, an imprint that stays with you and a lasting message. Fragrance, like music, does not need a translator. It is universal and unique at the same time, inspiring each wearer and listener in its own way. Neither perfume or music knows any borders and can help anyone express themselves, wholeheartedly. This is why Zielinski & Rozen fragrances are always pure olfactive notes — giving each spray an inspiring and enriching experience, personal to each individual.

Partnering with the Chamber Music Concerts of the Teatro alla Scala, as well as being a technical sponsor of the theatre – our fragrance unlocks the rich heritage of the space, while offering a refreshing and creative uplift for each guest. The Tobacco, Cedarwood, Pepper fragrance crafted for the collaboration will be experienced throughout the guest journey. Diffusers are placed around key areas of the theatre and will disperse the fragrance to refresh and uplift, while liquid soap reservoirs will cleanse and give a special moment of care to each visitor. Available across the 2023/2024 Artistic Season, guests can experience the fragrance in a series of twelve chamber music concerts in the Foyer “Arturo Toscanini” on Sunday mornings, bringing a variety of programmes, periods, and styles.

Regardless of the type of performance or genre of music experienced within these historic walls, the Zielinski & Rozen fragrance will help amplify the creative expression and inspiration of it, creating a lasting impression for each guest, unlocking their own sense of expression and imagination.

Teatro alla Scala
The Theatre was founded in 1778 immediately establishing itself as the center of cultural and social life.
In 1883 La Scala was the first Italian public building to be equipped with electric light. A turning point in the history of the Theatre was Arturo Toscanini’s musical direction, which redesigned listening habits, creating operational standards that are still used today: the orchestra pit was lowered.

Photographer: Rudy Amisano © Teatro alla Scala



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