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Curly Hair Do Not Care: Moisturizing Cream for Curly Hair

“Hair is the first thing we notice when we meet on a date or any other meeting. Hair says much more about our personality than we think. My wife and my life partner Lea cannot imagine her everyday hair care routine without this cream” Erez Rozen says.

Erez was inspired by his wife and constant business partner Lea. Lea is a red-haired beauty with luxurious curls. While luxurious they require conscious care and regular maintenance. Unfortunately, Lea always struggled to find the right product, and since the choice of care and styling products is an important one, Erez created one for her.

Moisturizing cream for curly hair does not contain silicones: it moisturizes, retaining moisture in the hair, and makes the curl more expressed, dense and voluminous, but at the same time mobile and natural. It also allows you to save time on styling.

Another indisputable bonus of the new cream is a thin aromatic trail of Black Pepper, Vetiver, Neroli, Amber that will stay with you for the whole day.

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