Our story

Zielinski & Rozen is an artisanal perfume house that dates back to 1905. The history of the brand is at the same time the history of the family. Now the brand is headed by perfume alchemist and ideologist Erez Rozen, but all his recipes have a reference to the beginning of the last century, when the great-grandfather of Erez Rozen was working on the secret formulas of the fragrances.

Multi-component and dynamic fragrances of Zielinski & Rozen absolutely don’t look alike in terms of content and even physical properties, they evoke emotional affection, give rise to their own associations, and they want to be rediscovered each time playing with images and styles, choosing the mood of the day.

Each bottle, signed by hand, differs from the neighboring namesake. In the world you can not find a second similar bottle and even a fragrance. Only the main character hasn’t changed Zielinski & Rozen is you.



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