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Aromatherapy Diffuser Orange & Jasmine, Vanilla (212,5 ml)

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Diffuser serves to fragrance any spaces. The kit includes rattan reeds. The diffusers of Zielinski & Rozen are created with pure ethyl alcohol that is used in the food industry and medicines, and has no harmful fumes.

A 212,5 ml bottle is effective in rooms up to 30 sq.m. A bottle lasts up to 3-5 months, depending on the microclimate of the room.
The kit includes rattan reeds - 5 pc.
How to use - open the bottle with fragranced liquid, insert the rattan reeds in the bottleneck. The diffuser reeds soak up the fragranced liquid through their capillaries and diffuse it uniformly.
Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from sources of heat, open flame and red-hot objects. In case of eye contact, rinse off thoroughly with water, if necessary, seek medical advice. Food use is life-threatening.
Ingredients are listed in accordance with the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) format.

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